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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void brings team-based Archon mode

StarCraft II beta players have the option to try out a new team-based mode named after the infamous Protoss unit: Archon mode. StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void officially launches November 10th but the beta is in full swing. In

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Troubleshooting and fixing Battle.net issues with Windows 10

If you’re having trouble installing the Battle.net App and Blizzard games then this guide will help you fix them! I kept running into “BLZBNTBTS0000005D” errors when setting up my new Windows 10 computer. I briefly talk about this issue¬†in my

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Battle.net App issues with Windows 10: BLZBNTBTS0000005D

Installing the Battle.net App can have it’s issues. The launcher for Blizzard games gave me trouble on Windows 10.¬†These bugs seem to involve the new operating system and Windows 8/8.1 64-bit users. I wrote these guides to help troubleshoot and

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