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Windows 10 gains in Steam hardware survey September

Steam’s monthly Hardware & Software Survey shows Windows 10 is gaining big amongst gamers. The new operating system features the latest DirectX 12 graphics API so most of these gains also reflect in DirectX 12 adoption. From August to September

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Block Spotify Free Ads in Windows with EZBlocker

If you’re using Windows and listening to music through Spotify Free then you might be interested in EZBlocker, a small piece of software that auto mutes ads and blocks banner ads. EZBlocker stays open the entire time Spotify is open

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Troubleshooting and fixing Battle.net issues with Windows 10

If you have been attempting to install the Battle.net App and Blizzard games on your new Windows 10 computer you may have run into the BLZBNTBTS0000005D issue, which I talked about in my last post. Luckily, I was able to

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Battle.net App issues with Windows 10: BLZBNTBTS0000005D

Installing the Battle.net App, the launcher for Blizzard games, on Windows 10 might take you a while due to bugs involvingĀ both the new operating system and Windows 8/8.1 64-bit users. After opening the installer and selecting the folder it seemed

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