Chrome does not work well with Windows 10

Slow launching, constant lockups and issues with forms seem to plague Google’s Chrome under Windows 10. After the initially install Chrome took a few minutes just to open up and that was the start of a horrible bug ridden journey. Funny enough I wrote a post detailing a bug in Chrome downloading the Windows 10 ISO last week but that is nothing compared to these bugs with Windows 10. Honestly, I would just stop using Chrome for the time being because it’s beyond frustrating when simple tasks like switching tabs or entering information into a form cause a lockup.

Chrome up to date Windows 10

Chrome up to date in Windows 10

I’ve been using Windows 10 for over a week now and for the most part it works great along with all the software I use. Enter Google Chrome, which besides an issue here and there worked fine on Windows 8/8.1 and Mac OSX. Chrome under Windows 10 is utterly unreliable and unbearable for even the simplest of tasks.

First, the initial load took forever. After the install I opened Chrome and it took 3-5 minutes just for any sign of Chrome to show up. Task Manager showed Chrome was running and consuming resources but no GUI for awhile. I chalked that up to being the first launch and maybe it had some initial setup that takes longer on Windows 10. Now I know that’s not the case because I had it happen to me again. Chrome does start fine now after a week of running it but it’s still a bad sign.

Second, it’s constantly freezing and locking up for no apparent reason. This is using Google’s own services like Gmail, Calendar, Search will freeze going between them. Even just using the settings trying to click: History, Extensions, About to navigate options it freezes up! I’m not trying to run intensive WebGL or anything just simple JavaScript and HTML.

Lastly, interacting with HTML forms like search boxes, selects, textareas also cause a lock up. I use WordPress daily and the admin section has tons of form elements for posts and pages. Chrome under Windows 10 makes WordPress unusable and I say that without hyperbole because I’m actually typing this post in Firefox after getting fed up with Chrome’s lockups.

At this point I should note Firefox works great, hell even Internet Explorer and Edge work well enough compared to the multitude of Chrome issues. Being a developer I’ve always had many browsers installed and open at once to check websites. It’s not an issue for myself to exclusively use Firefox at this point but average consumers who have always used Chrome might feel a bit uncomfortable switching all the sudden due to bugs.

Google Produt Forum Chrome Issue

Google Produt Forum Chrome Issue

On Google Product Forums I found a post with similar issues: Google Chrome is not working on Windows 10. ( Connection Timeout). Many users recommend uninstalling Chrome and switching to Chrome Canary, Google’s Chrome but with new developer features. While I have not tried Canary, users do report it working better than normal Chrome. Of course Google says Canary is not stable and is designed for developers who want to test new features that have not made it to Chrome yet so approach with caution!

At the time of writing this my Chrome was up to date at: Version 44.0.2403.157 m

Chrome Version Info in Windows 10

Chrome Version Info in Windows 10


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