Install & Activate WatchESPN for Fire TV

If you’ve got access to a cable or satellite subscription chances are you’ve got the ability to activate the WatchESPN app and start watching live sports. It’s simple to activate the service and start watching live sports from Fire TV! Besides cable and satellite, you can also use some online streaming service to activate. First, download the WatchESPN app. Second, use the login information from your service provider to login.

WatchESPN icon Fire TV home screen Activate

WatchESPN icon Fire TV home screen

You can install the app a few different ways. By using voice search on the remote and saying “ESPN” or through the Amazon website for the WatchESPN for Fire TV app located here or by clicking the WatchESPN Icon box to the left. It’s always free to download the app but you will have to activate after installation. The WatchESPN app will download and install creating an icon on your Home screen under Recent. Launch the WatchESPN app and the user interface will load up showing you different live games but they will all be locked until you activate.

Activate WatchESPN on Fire TV

The activation prompt should pop up if you try to select anything stating “Watch Live TV” and “Before you can view live ESPN events and shows, we will need to verify that you are a customer…” and then it gives you the steps to activate WatchESPN along with your activation code:

Step 1

Go to your computer or mobile device.

Step 2

Visit or

Step 3

Enter your activation code: VAV4** (your activation code will be completely different than mine)

Step 4

When complete, your program will begin playing momentarily.

Once you go to the ESPN link it redirects to and this is the page you select your service provider (cable or satellite subscription) and enter your activation code. Once you fill in those details click Continue and that’s it! Your Fire TV will automatically update and be activated. It will redirect to the game you wanted to watch or you can select your sport of preference and start watching!

WatchESPN Fire TV Activate

WatchESPN Fire TV Activation screen Step 3 shows the activation code starting with “VAV4” (your activation code will be completely different but in the same spot)

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12 comments on “Install & Activate WatchESPN for Fire TV
  1. Will says:

    How do I get the activation code I have my provider already

    • Andrew Hlinsky says:

      The activation code will be displayed on the FireTV when it asks you to activate. The screenshot above shows the screen and on Step 3 it shows the activation code starting with “VAV4”. Though your activation code will be completely different it should show up in the same spot.
      – Andrew

  2. Brent says:

    When I click on the activate watch ESPN app and add my provider there is no activation code that comes up? Any help would be appreciated

  3. Tony says:

    Does this app work in Kenya

  4. Frank Smith says:

    If I have not cable TV just Internet and firetv how can I get ESPN?

  5. Cindy says:

    So am I wrong in thinking I have to have cable or satellite in order to view ESPN on my Fire TV.? I was hoping i didn’t have to subscribe.

  6. Joseph says:

    How do I get another activation code used it one time can’t get back on espn

  7. robert says:

    my internet provide is not listed how can I activate the ESPn App?

  8. Phyllis says:

    I have Internet through WOW & a fire stick but no cable tv can I still get ESPN ?

  9. leann klein says:

    my internet provider is Mediacom
    I do not see this in the drop box

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