Install FOX Sports GO App for Fire TV and Activate

FOX Sports GO LogoInstall and activate the FOX Sports GO app on your Fire TV to access live sports programming. Football, basketball, racing and other sports can be watched easily from the app if they are being shown on FOX Sports, FS1, FS2, or your regional FOX Sports Network. You will need access to a cable or satellite subscription or a service that supports the “TV Everywhere” apps to activate the service.

There a few different ways to install the app on Fire TV. First, you could use the voice search button on the remote and say “FOX Sports” to find it. Or use the Amazon box to the left to directly get the app through your browser and it will automatically be installed to your Fire TV if you’re logged into the same Amazon account on both. You could also manually find the app by browsing to the Apps in the left menu and finding the “Featured Cable Subscription Apps” category. It’s free to download the Fox Sports GO app but you have to activate it after installation for live sports to work.

Launch the FOX Sports GO apps by selecting the logo shown above and pressing the center button on the remote. You may also have to click “Open” if you are taken to the app’s information screen. Once it loads you’ll see a white screen with different live sports streams and a grey menu to the left. Notice the sports streams thumbnails have small lock icons next to them. If you tried selecting one now it would not work because everything is locked down until you activate with your subscription information.

Activate FOX Sports GO for Fire TV with your subscription information

Go to Settings in the left menu by hitting the down button on the remote and then center click on the remote. Now select the “Sign In” box by hitting the right button and center clicking on the box. A new screen loads up that prompts you to, “Sign in on your desktop or mobile device at And Enter: KC36Z..” which loads the web page to activate.

Sign in on your desktop or mobile device at

Now the FOX Sports GO activate web page tells us to, “Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen.” My activation code started with KC36Z.. but your activation code will be completely different because it’s unique to everyone no two people will ever have the same code. Enter your unique code shown into the Activation Code box and click the Submit button.

FOX Sports GO Activate "Enter the activation code displayed on your TV screen."

Using your cable, satellite, TV everywhere subscription info select your service provider from the logos or click “More TV Providers” to see the entire list. I was using PlayStation Vue so I had to go through more providers and then search a list for the name. Once you click the name it will redirect you to the browser page for your specific service provider and ask you to login in through their system. Lastly, you’ll be redirected back to the FOX Sports GO Activate page where it displays the conformation message, “Success! You have successfully activated Fox Sports GO.”

FOX Sports GO Succes

It will take some amount of time for your Fire TV to update but just wait. After a few seconds and your Fire TV will automatically change screens back to the settings pages letting you know it’s been activated. Now instead of a “Sign In” box it will say “Sign Out”. That’s it for the activation! Go back to the “Live TV” option in the menu to view the live streams available. You’ll notice there are no more lock icons in the thumbnails.

The specific Fox sports channels you get depend entirely upon the subscription package from your cable, satellite, or streaming service. Generally everyone would get the national Fox Sports channels like FS1, FS2, and your local Fox affiliate. Other channels you could get include your regional FOX Sports Network, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX College Sports (FCS) or FOX Deportes. In my case I used PlayStation Vue in Austin, TX and got Fox Sports Southwest as my regional FOX Sports Network.

Fox Sports GO Live Now Toronto FC vs Montreal Impact, Washington at TCU, Spurs at Mavericks, Stars, FC Southwest

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